dimanche 22 mai 2016


I know that nobody has interest in this blog and I'm writing for myself, it's fine for me for now.
It's crazy how internet can give you the impression that you a so near to everybody but in fact you are lonely in front of your computer. I've read or saw a video vlog (can't remember, whatever) about how to sleep better. And they said that seeing faces from people in the morning helps. It is really important to see people faces in the morning, they said. Anyway, everytime I post a thing here I have the impression to be on a mountain shouting and hearing my own voice reverb (don't know if you can say that but it sounds cool). I'm clearly not Ai Wei Wei. He got so much fans and impact on social media, it is insane. He said that he wrote 2 or 3 times in his blog. Impossible for me. It' so difficult to get something out of me sometimes...
But anyway, I wanted to say to myself that I've never felt so alive than now. I want to learn new techniques and maybe do some computer music. Stimulate my brain a little, I have the impression that great stuff can come out of it. Positivity (Puke).

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