lundi 11 avril 2016


Image from "The Amanda Show" (1999-2000), show in the show: "Moody's Point" (2002)

Today, I had nothing to do. Believe me, when I say "Nothing", it means nothing.
Nah. I had thousand of things to do, but I didn't want to... Fuck paperwork.

So, I'm actually listening to the radioshow of my friend Miley Serious named TGAF (These Girls are on Fiiiiyaaaah), they made a special show about Justin Bieber.
(I actually like his music a lot, I have his last album on my phone ;) )
It's worth it every second if you are a fan of Bieber. Listen Here.

So, I wanted to talk about shows. Who didn't wanted to have a show as a kid? Tell everyone what was happening in your little crazy life, complaining about mean teachers and talking about your crush who didn't noticed you 4 years long (-caugh-, No I'm not talking about my teen life at all... LOL *cry* )  
I know what you're thinking... YOUTUBE.
It's great that we have now youtube to listen to random people speak about their lifes. But let's be honest, there is a lot of crappy channels where big breasted bleach washed blonde girls with way too much make up on speaks about their sex lives or faith to Jesus... Boring. (Everyone is free to do whatever they want on internet, I'm not a hater!) Sometimes, I wish that youtube put the channels in categories like porn sites do and put it on the upper side of the website. (yeah you know which porn site I'm talking about haha)

So, today I had "nothing" to do. So, I googled Amanda Bynes. I love those good girls gone bad life stories, a.k.a Lindsay, Britney, Drew... 
Amanda Bynes, where do I start? I loved her in all of her films. She was always this intense, energetic, funny and sweet american girl with amazing hair. And then BOOM, she sets her life on "fire". Her face is unrecognizable, she puts crazy wigs on her head and insults others on her twitter. It was amazing. Break downs are amazing, it simply shows how fucked up the world is and how people react to it. 
But this was not my point tonight. My point was about "Moody's Point" (haha, not funny). Before today I didn't know that Amanda Bynes had a show. The Amanda Show wasn't aired in the french television. I have to say, I'm not a 100% fan of this show. Most of the times I find it not funny and really offensive. I was shocked sometimes how mean it was. 
BUT, there was one show that I liked a lot: Moody's Point. This show has unfortunatly only 8 episodes and they didn't even bothered filming an actual end. L. O. L
This show is a parody of the show Dawson's Creek and teen Tv Shows in general and this my friend, it's amazing. The music is amazing (And I would love to do a remix from it one day, if my music skills improves...), there is the gloomy hot guy and the nice guy who just can't get any attention of any kind. Amanda plays the moody young teen girl with a lot of emotional problems with per-fec-tion. The show is produced by the legendary Dan Schneider (who else?). 

Although, it is a parody, this show had a real storyline and characters that you get attached to. I could relate to it because adolescence is a hot mess. I mean, you're moody all the time and you mess up a lot of things, you're insecure ( Misty did symbolize that very well ) and you always hope that there is gonna be a miracle which gonna change your life for something better. (Still hoping tho!)

Here's the link for all the 8 episodes: ENJOY!


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