lundi 21 mars 2016


It's always when you're in a shitty situation that you get the best ideas.
That's what I thought. But no.
Am I in a shitty situation?
Not yet.
But those last days were pretty tough for me.
Did you ever wonder if those clichés about french people were true?
Clichés like they were messy and unorganised?
I can certainly tell you that they are true. (Not all clichés are true, I'm just mad right now)
Hell yes they are true. (Again, I'm mad)
Because the French "La Poste" just ruined my life.
I don't like to say "ruin" but they pretty fucked my dreams up about getting in an Art School in Berlin. (Wow so original, Berlin? Art School?)
But I'm no Drama Queen. I don't live in a tragedy and I don't want to get depressed because of it. (Said the girl who didn't want to go out this week-end and who got sick right away)
So, let's talk about this crazy story with my beloved "La Poste" in France.
I live in Paris (no don't sing "Oh Champs Élysées" please stop) and I wanted to send my Inscription Formula to Berlin. The Art School rules were really strict... "Send your Formula until the 7th March". The french Post took 12 days to bring a fucking letter from Paris to Berlin. 12 FUCKING DAYS. So it came the 9th March...
Me so naive, thought that 10 days were enough for them to bring this letter to Germany... Me so naive, so naive...
To get to Berlin from here, it takes one and a half hour with an airplane.
How the hell could I know that It will take so long...
So I'm disqualified. I couldn't even send my Book to them. Game Over.
I don't know why, how the hell it came to me as a GREAT IDEA to start a blog again.
I had a blog as a teenager and I loved it.
Now I'm 22 and I have the feeling that I have to write something, distribute my knowledge of "whatever" with bad english sentences and talk about what I've seen in the "fashion industry"  (I'm not a stylist, not a photographer, just a studio assistant) and my video works. 
It's something personal, something for me. You can read it if you're interested. If not, whatever.


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