mardi 28 janvier 2020


Sometimes it's nice to hear a song which is not about sex. Or a song which is not about ass and twerking chicks. I mean, does it sound nice when you listen to it? I downloaded TIDAL on my phone last month. (I hear Hip Hop so I thought it would be cool to hear all the last albums of Jay-Z's friends) But after a month I got fed up of some of the lyrics of recent rap songs. I don't want to hear "cunt" on every punchline. I don't want to hear "Fuck" every 10 seconds. Let's not even talk about the word "Bitch". I was so bored... So after hearing "Life of Pablo" from Kanye West, which it sounded for me like a Demo from a bad amateur rapper who took too much mushrooms... I was like, ok let's listen to The Smiths. So I started to hear again my all time favourites artists from my Teen Life: Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Kooks, Gorillaz, The Cure... Dawn, they could wrote songs who talked about sex without being vulgar and make great videoclips whithout twerking butts. I don't say that Hip Hop is always vulgar, OH GOD NO! There are many amazingly written hip hop songs. But I have the impression that there are less well written songs nowadays... I mean I'm judging by the songs which are played on MTV. (I assume that's what most of the kids listen now)

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